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  • Ways to speed up your gaming PC

    For hard-core gamers and new-comers alike, we know that sometimes our gaming PCs can be a little slower than we would like them to be. Here are three ways you can speed up your gaming PC at home. 

    Check in-game settings

    Our first tip to speed up your gaming PC Some games may automatically select game-play settings for you so it is worth checking these out before you play. Losing some screen resolution may be a worthwhile trade off if it speeds up the game. 

    Free up disk space

    Naturally, the more games you play and the more extensive these games get, the more disk space they use up. If you have a PC with limited disk space, freeing this up can be a nice quick fix to getting your PC running smoother. Try and get rid of games, documents or downloads you no longer need. 

    Close any background programmes

    When in the midst of an intense gaming battle, you need all the power you can get. If you have other applications or files open in the background which aren't needed, these will be sucking away valuable power. Before you play, make sure no unnecessary programmes are open and running. 

    Boost your Wi-Fi

    When your gaming PC is running slow, it may in fact not be the PC at all, but your Wi-Fi causing the issues. You can check your Wi-Fi speed using online checkers with just one Google search, it’s super easy! We usually recommend an internet speed of above 20 Mbps for a good gaming experience. If your Wi-Fi is running a little slow, you could invest in a booster (you can get these for around £15 online) or even use an ethernet cable if your PC is near your Wi-Fi box. 

    Gaming PC still running a little slow?

    If you have tried all the fixes known to man, it may be time to invest in a new PC. Browse all our gaming PCs online today

  • Computer jargon for beginners

    Computer jargon for beginners

    The world of PC gaming is a fun one, however if you are new to gaming PCs (or just computers in general) there is a lot of computer jargon to get your head around in order to find the right PC for you. We have created a short list of all the computer jargon you might need. 


    The CPU is the Central Processing Unit of the computer. You will find a CPU in almost every piece of tech you have, as it acts like your computer's brain by processing and executing tasks. Although the CPU is central to your computer, it can only work alongside other components. The two main CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD: which one of these you choose would depend on your budget and your requirements (a more recent CPU will mean a faster computer).


    Next on our computer jargon list is Hard Disk Drives (or HDD). The HDD is one of two types of computer storage (the second being SSD). The HDD is a spinning disk which stores information magnetically. They are an older type of storage, however this also means they are a cheaper option so are ideal for anyone on a budget. The most common size found in computers is 3.5 inch and the storage capacity is indicated in Gigabytes (the higher the GB, the more storage you get).


    Following on from the HDD, our next type of storage is the SSD (Solid State Drive). In an SSD, the data is stored onto circuits, meaning it takes up a lot less space inside your computer. These are often a quicker storage option too but these benefits make them much more expensive per GBB, than HDD options. Like the HDD, the capacity of your new SSD is measured in Gigabytes. 


    The RAM (short for Random Access Memory) of your computer is the short term memory. Now, this isn't to be confused with the long term memory we have just discussed, which stores memory even when your computer is turned off. The RAM holds data and information long enough for the CPU to use it. The smaller the GB of your RAM could impact the speed of your PC, however they are cheaper and therefore it depends on your needs of the PC. If you don’t necessarily need a super fast PC, a smaller sized RAM would work perfectly. 

     Graphics Card 

    Last on our computer jargon list is the graphics card and, as the name suggests, is linked to the graphics on your computer. Your graphics card controls the colour, the clarity and definition of the display. The card's function is to remove graphics processing tasks away from the RAM or CPU to make graphics sharper and process quicker. 

    We hope this helps! Now you know all the computer jargon you need, you can browse our Gaming PCs and find your perfect PC!

  • New In Desktop PCs

    3 new desktop PCs have landed in the HST store this month so we thought we would introduce them! These new in desktop PCs are perfect for those who need a little extra oomph in their daily tasks. 


    HST QC-203 Intel Core I3-10105F 8GB Home/Office Micro Tower

    Our first new in desktop PC is powered with the new 10th generation of Intel Core I3-10105F CPU with an Akasa AK-CC7108EP01 CPU Cooler. Alongside this you can benefit from a Cronus FX PRO 500W 140mm Silent Fan 80 PLUS Bronze PSU. This PC has energy efficient high speed memory capacity with Adata Premier 8GB 2666Mhz RAM. All this encompassed in an elegant and classy front bezel design CiT QC-203 Micro Tower Black case. Please be aware though, a graphics card needs to be added to this PC, however you can easily add this on with any other upgrades you may need.

    HST Optimus+ Intel Core i3-10100 8GB Home/Office Customisable PC

    Next on our list also runs off a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor. The CiT M-300U 300W Micro Atx PSU is a great (and silent) processor which uses low noise with intelligent-thermal fan control technology to keep noise at a minimum. Utilising 3D NAND Flash and a high speed SMI controller, the compact Ultimate SU800 M.2 2280 solid state drives provides capacities up to 1TB and greatly enhances performance, efficiency, and reliability over traditional 2D NAND. Again, this PC is fully customisable to make your perfect desktop PC. 

    HST Optimus Intel Core i9-10900 8GB Home/Office Customisable PC

    Featuring a 10th generation Intel i9 processor, this PC offers a reliable and powerful performance. Like our first desktop PC, this also includes an Adata Premier 8GB 2666Mhz RAM for high-performance memory attributions and a GT300 300W 80 Plus Bronze TFX gives a great cost/ performance ratio. All this pulls together to create a PC which was  built with attention to detail by our system builders with the best hand picked components. 

    You can see more on each new in desktop PC by clicking the image, and use our free chat service if you have any questions about our new PCs. Don’t forget you can also see all our desktop PCs here. Happy shopping! 

  • Total War: Warhammer 3 Game Review

    Total Warhammer 3 was a much anticipated end to a very popular series, with many people having high hopes that the trilogy's final instalment would be the best yet. We included this PC in our ‘3 games to play in February’ blog so when it was finally released on February 17th, we knew we had to get our hands on it (for research purposes of course). So, without further ado, here is our Total War: Warhammer 3 game review!

    The Warhammer 3 experience

    Into the Realm of Chaos, it was up to us to protect the mortal world after the barrier between the two worlds fractured away, all connected by transportation stones that can zap you across the map. Faced with demonic beings in the Realm of Chaos are no joke, making the campaign decently difficult  as you march your army through to victory. 

    The creators of this game did not hold back on the graphics! The final instalment has fully embraced every aspect of the Total War universe making the visuals equally impressive and seemingly limitless.

    The core gameplay still holds the typical Total War strategy: build an army, conquer cities and take cover behind your barrier walls before attacking back. However, with each fraction of the world providing a unique challenge, Warhammer 3 keeps that pattern feeling new and unlike things we have previously seen in the first two games. Although this game is very heavily focused on the storyline, we don’t think you need to have played Total War before to get stuck in. The sprawling sandbox means there really is something for everyone, and sets this game apart from other war-based games on the market. 

    Final thoughts on Total War: Warhammer 3

    Our final conclusion? We loved it! It far exceeded our expectations and we think it is definitely the best in the trilogy. Total War has taken a  direction in its gameplay and story line I don't think any of us fully predicted and for this we will be sad to see the end of it! But for now, we are going to keep on building our army and becoming victorious over the Realm of Chaos. Have you played Total War: Warhammer 3? Do you agree with our review? Let us know over on our Facebook page or our Twitter page!

  • Why Buy Refurbished PCs

    Looking for a new PC? Why not consider refurbished PCs...

    They are a cheaper option

    In comparison to brand new, refurbished PCs are a much cheaper option. If you don’t have the luxury of a big budget to spend on your office PCs or gaming PCs, then refurbished is a great alternative. This is especially true if you only need some basic capabilities and helps you avoid paying more for the ‘bells and whistles’ which you won’t use! For example, our HST Mars i5 Quad Core is a great refurbished gaming PC. The 8GB RAM, 500GB 3.5" SATA HDD and Nvidia GT730 2GB graphics card make for a great PC for new gamers. It provides an introductory baseline for you to become more familiar with gaming without breaking the bank. 



    HST i5 mars quad-core gaming refurbished pc

    They are better for the environment 

    Buying refurbished technology is great for the environmentally conscious gamers! It means you can help to reduce the amount of e-waste which ends up in our landfills at the same time as reducing the number of new machines that need to be made. Electronic waste can take up to 1-2 million to decompose and so being more aware of your own electronic waste trail is more important now, than ever. To help improve their own waste trail, companies are turning to refurbished technology. If you need refurbished technology for work, the Dell Optiplex 7020 PC Monitor Bundle includes a refurbished Dell Optiplex 7020, two refurbished monitors and a keyboard/ mouse set. With an Intel i5-4570 4th Gen processor it’s an ideal PC for day to day office tasks. 

    Dell Optiplex 7020 Intel I5-4570 3.20GHZ SFF Refurbished PC Monitor Bundle


    The first two points mean that refurbished PCs are the best practical option if you are looking for a great PC on a budget. Offering great value for money is a clear winner but one main question we get asked about our refurbished PCs is how do they perform? Well, obviously, if you need a PC with uber-power behind it and every mod-con you can imagine a refurbished PC may not be for you. However, our PCs have been dismantled, checked, rebuilt and checked again to ensure that all aspects are in full working order. If this isn't satisfactory enough, we also offer a 12 month warranty on all refurbished PCs so if you do have an issue just get in touch with our team and we can see what needs to be done to fix it! 

    Like the sound of refurbished PCs?

    If you are thinking that a refurbished PC is for you, you can see all our Refurbished Gaming Pcs here and browse all Refurbished Office/ Home PCs hereAnd as always, don't forget to join the conversation on our Facebook page and Twitter page so you can be first to know of new products and giveaways!

  • The Top 3 PC Games To Play In February

    Count down our top 3 February PC Games, set to release this month! Get your calendar (and wallet) at the ready. 


    Lost Ark

    First on our list is Lost Ark. This PC game is out on the 11th of February but you have the option to pre-download the head start pack, which enables access to the game on the 8th. The reason this action-packed RPG is top of our list this month is because it is free to play! So you can enjoy the immersive storyline and impressive visuals without breaking the bank. 

    Two worlds embody order (Arkesia) and chaos (Petrania), controlled by the Ark. But when a galactic shift causes the two to collide, the worlds nearly destroy each other. That's where you come in. The Ark is split 7 ways for 7 gods within Arkesia and now the two worlds have collided, the gods of Petrania have set out to collect the 7 sections of the Ark. This causes the creation of The Guardians who need to restore peace to both worlds.


    Total War: Warhammer III

    Total War: Warhammer III is the epic conclusion to the Warhammer trilogy. Warhammer III follows the same strategy-based action line as the previous two games. A fan-favourite from the first game, Kislev, makes a welcome return to defend man-kind from the Realm of Chaos. Lead your army into battle to defeat the Daemons, and even command them. 

    The strategy sandbox of this PC game means that campaigns will never be the same making for a more intriguing game play. Total War: Warhammer III is available to download on the 17th February and is free to Xbox PC Pass Holders. 


    GRID Legends 

    Finally on our February PC games list is GRID Legends. The high-octane racer game is back for it’s fifth installment, bringing new locations and a brand new list of cars for more racing variations than ever before. Race in hypercars, GT’s, trucks and big rigs and everything in between! Not only these new additions, but GRID Legends also brings to the table the biggest campaign career allowing you to compete, and win, in hundreds of tournaments to create the perfect racing team to dominate the tracks. GRID Legends is releasing on February 24th. 


    Why not treat yourself to a new gaming PC to enjoy these games on? We offer a comprehensive range of budget-friendly, yet high performing new gaming PC’s and refurbished gaming PC’s. 

  • 5 Fun Facts About Gaming To Make You An Expert

    If you've decided that gaming is your new year's resolution, or are a hardcore gamer already, here are 5 fun facts about gaming that will take your knowledge to the next level.

    The first gaming PC was in 1962 

    PC gaming can be traced back to 1962 to Steven Russel. Steven was a computer programmer from Dartmouth who, alongside a team of programmers from MIT, created the game ‘Spacewar!’. The computer it was made for was the PDP-1, which was the same size as a large car!

    Esports popularity is rising, and fast!

    Gaming is now a major spectator sport pulling in millions of views each tournament. The International, for example, offered the biggest ever prize pool in their 2021 games of over $40 Million in total. The market revenue worldwide for ESports was estimated at 1.08bn USD in Oct 2021. 

    There are over 30 different types of games

    From coding games that use javascript to kid-friendly cartoons, there are well over 30 different categories of games to choose from! And of course, within these categories live hundreds upon hundreds of different games. In racing alone (since the release of Pole Position) there have been more than 800 racing games released. 


    Gaming is good for the body and mind 

    It has been proven time and time again that not only has gaming been good for your mental health but your body too. This was never more obvious than during lockdowns when gaming provided a vital escape from reality and a means of meeting up with friends (albeit in a chat room rather than a living room). What's more, gaming had proven to be great in improving problem-solving and quick thinking skills, and manual dexterity: great if you want to be a doctor! 


    There are over 40 million gamers in the UK

    As of 2021, there were 44.3 million digital gamers in 2021 UK. It was also approximated that 62% of the UK population were gamers in 2021. A big jump from 39% in 2019!


    What are your fun facts about gaming? Let us know via our Facebook and Twitter pages!

  • The Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    There are so many games set to release in 2022 that we couldn't possibly include them all, so keep an eye out for our monthly game breakdowns. For now, we are choosing our top 5 most anticipated games of 2022!


    Elden Ring

    First on our list of most anticipated games, Elden Ring. The game is set to be released at the end of February, and already boasts awards such as PSU’s Most Anticipated Game and The Golden Joysticks Most Wanted Game. Featuring new fantasy worlds, discover the true extent of the Elden Ring’s power whilst you explore the Lands Between. Encounter new characters along the way, each with their own plan to disrupt your journey, and battle hair-raising creatures as you fight to become the Elden Lord.


    Company of Heroes 3

    Company of Heroes is back for their 3rd instalment in 2022. The combat game combines the thrill of the battlefield with quick thinking and strategic decision making. Set in the Mediterranean, play as the General to guide the strategy and overall campaign for ground, air and naval forces to ensure you stay one step ahead of the enemy. The release date is yet to be confirmed. 


    Wizard with a Gun

    3rd on our most anticipated games watchlist: Wizard with a Gun. Set in a mystical and magical world, Wizard with A Gun is a cooperative sandbox survival game. Play alone or with others to explore this mystery lands to collect elements and fit out your wizard to your heart's desire. You can design weapons, bullets and other arsenal for your wizard to utilise. And flex your interior design muscles by building furniture to customise your tower. 


    Ghostwire: Tokyo

    Tokyo has been overrun by dangerous supernatural forces which are causing the population to vanish. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, partner with a powerful entity who’s arsenal of mystical abilities aids you in unravelling the mystery behind the disappearances. Roam Tokyo's beautify city-scape and pass well known landmarks whilst battling the dark Yokai spirits. How does this game get better? You can stop and pet all the dogs!


    Gotham Knights

    Finally on our anticipated games list, Gotham Nights. Batman is now dead, and in his wake, a destructive criminal underworld has engulfed the streets of Gotham City. It is down to Batman's family to help end the criminal's rein of terror. In this open-world, action packed game you can play solo or with others to unravel mysteries from Gotham city’s dark past and battle notorious villains, and eventually free the city from criminal chaos that has been a sinister force for too long. 


    Which are you looking forward to playing most? Get involved with the conversation, be the first to see offers and enter giveaways over on our Twitter and Facebook pages! 

  • This years best sellers

    We are wrapping up (Christmas pun intended) our 2021 by showcasing this year's best sellers! In a weird year getting back to life post- lockdown, you all supported us throughout and we couldn't be more grateful to all our wonderful customers! So, before we get into our bestsellers, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. 

    First on the list, our HST Mars G Series dual-screen gaming bundle. The perfect bundle on a budget, starting at just £349. The bundle includes 2x 22-inch screen monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset and mouse mat. The PC included is a great starting point to customise it to your exact needs. You can upgrade the RAM, SSD and HDD/ SSHD to make it perfect for your gaming needs. Coupled with a Nvidia GT730 2GB graphics card you can play games all Christmas.

    HST Mars G Series 8GB RAM 500GB GT730 NVIDIA  Gaming PC Dual Screen Bundle

    Next on the list is the HST F3 Red i5 Quad Core PC. This PC also offers customisable options. But for £289 you can get an Intel i5 2nd Generation CPU, 500GB 3.5" SATA HDD, XUM 8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a Nvidia GT730 2GB graphics card. This PC also comes in a stunning red colour with built-in LED lights, perfect for Christmas! 

    HST F3 Red i5 Quad Core 8GB RAM 500GB GT730 NVIDIA Customisable Gaming PC

    For those who were looking for desktop PC bundles this year, the Dell Optiplex 790 dual monitor bundle caught a few eyes. With two 19” monitors, keyboard and mouse this bundle helped many of you to create the perfect office/ home office set up! The Dell Optiplex 790 is regarded as Dell’s most powerful desktop option, which offers performance, collaboration and business-class control. Every element of this bundle is customisable and therefore can be made bespoke for pretty much any working set-up!

    Dell Optiplex 790 Intel I7-2600S 2.8GHZ PC Monitor Bundle

    Finally, to round off our list the Dell OptiPlex 5040 PC was another desktop PC which was flying off the online shelves. For £299, this PC includes an Intel i5-6500 6th Generation processor, 8GB DDR4 memory and 240GB 2.5" SSD Capacity. You also have the choice to create a bundle with this PC by adding a monitor, keyboard and mouse set. Our Dell Optiplex 5050 also comes with a 1 year warranty which can be extended so you know you're getting great tech which is covered. 

    Dell OptiPlex 5040 PC Intel Core i5-6500 CPU 3.20GHz 8GB RAM 240GB Solid State Drive


    And concludes our top 4 best sellers from both gaming and desktop! Again, thank you all for a great year and we hope you have a great Christmas and New year!

  • Why is PC gaming better than console?

    There have always been debates within the gaming community about which type of gaming is better, but two that always seem to be battling it out are Console gamers and PC gamers! Of course, we are a tiny bit biased being a PC gaming store and all, but having done some extensive research (played a lot of PC games) here are our top 4 reasons why PC is far better than console!

    Better graphics

    Point number one on our list is the graphics. Due to the graphics cards that are available to buy for gaming PCs, the option to maximise your graphics to the next level is always there, whereas console graphics are fixed within the console. Although some PC graphics upgrades can become costly, you get what you pay for! The better graphics makes for a much better gaming experience overall and smoother gameplay. 


    Often, new consoles are being released yearly from multiple different console brands, meaning that upgrading your console can become a costly affair. This is because to upgrade a console many people need to buy the newest version. When one element of the gaming PC needs upgrading, you can isolate that section and buy upgrades solely for that section. This also makes gaming PCs slightly more environmentally friendly as instead of throwing the whole console away, you're replacing one small part of the PC.


    In the same vein as point 2, point 3 is the customisability of a gaming PC. Because each section of a gaming PC can be isolated and upgraded, it also offers the gamer a lot of options to customise it to their exact needs. Building and customising your own PC can sometimes be a daunting thought, especially if you're used to the plug-and-play nature of a console, but there are so many great videos and articles online. Alternatively, you can take a pick and mix approach: just choose your PC and select from the dropdowns your RAM, SSD OR HDD options and let the company do the rest! (Hint hint, we offer this service).

    Wider accessibility to games

    Last on this list, and the whole reason we invest into the hobby, the games! Nowadays, most games are released for both console and PC. However, because you can download games on PC, this opens up a whole world of PC games that are not available to console. This is particularly true for indie games. Sites such as Steam and Epic Games offers a wider variety of games than console companies and therefore you have more games at your fingertips. 

    Have we missed any points? Let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter page! If you're looking for a new gaming PC to take advantage of all the positive points we have mentioned, shop here.

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